DIY Chassis kits

Looking for a kit you can build at home?

Our DIY kits are laser notched and CNC bent and come flat packed for you to assemble at home. Its the most affordable way to get into a chassis!

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The 2020 Cliffhanger CH2 is going to be the go to choice for universal appeal.  First off, its price point at $4200 for the base chassis with all the bracing should allow anyone out there with the fab skills needed to complete a rig get into a platform that looks great and has all the hard work already done.  From the bottom up, the subframe is shaped specifically for front engine designs and the front frame shape will hold your LS for those that want to party, so you know your turbo 4 cylinder will fit as the concept for this chassis is to fit into the trail class front engine, 2 seat, rear steer class in rock crawling events.  With that in mind, I raised the rub rail of the chassis for more clearance in the rocks, as well as brought the front tube work up 4” to accommodate the axle location when running portal axles and extremely high steering setups.  The foot well remains wide enough to be comfortable on the trails, but narrows down even farther than the Cliffhanger as the chassis slides to the back of the seats to be just 48″ wide.  The cockpit is slightly smaller, but the seat angle is reclined just a touch more. The B-Pillar is moved back just a little more to give that little extra room for the big guys. The added C pillar or double B, aids in safety for those lines that failure could have catastrophic results, so you know your safe.  The top windshield tube is moved to the top plane of the roof to aid in visibility to plan your attack looking up to the obstacle ahead. The unique front shock hoop that gives the chassis its name makes setting up standard 14” shocks right on top of the axle a breeze while allowing axles as narrow as stock Toyota’s at 57.5” WMS work just fine, yet be just as comfortable with your full width 1 ton axles.  In the rear, a 16” shock will mount directly on the axle or on trailing arms for those wanting to get to the rocks faster.  The top is extended back just a few inches to give those bigger guys just a touch more room as well.

The new CH2 is meant for the truly hard core crawlers and trail breakers out there. If your after a platform that’s easy to work with, has proven performance and a little style thrown into the mix, the new CH2 is what you’ve been waiting for! It is the evolution of the sport, for those that are truly ready to push the limits.

These kits are notched by laser, indexed to fit into each other, CNC bent to perfection and ready for you to MIG or TIG. You won’t find a better kit on the market, so what are you waiting for?