Bent Fabrications, located in Georgetown Ky, is a small automotive fabrication shop that specializes in offroad suspension design, roll cages, and full tube chassis… but that’s not all we can do. Our roots are from road racing. After many years on the road circuits, my offroad passion began to take over. Before I knew it the FREEDOM of being able to design cages anyway i wanted started pushing my fabrication skills above and beyond. The “RULES” of building road race cars and chassis really were too much for my tastes. Already being a chassis designer and cage builder fitting inside the tightest of constraints and designed to take over 100 mph impacts, I thought how hard could it be to design something that basically idles through the woods at less than 20mph? LET ME TELL YOU, I’VE HAD MORE FUN AND CHALLENGE DRIVING AT LESS THAN 5mph THAN I EVER HAD AT 150mph!

 I didn’t quite “fit in” in the beginning of rock crawling because i still wanted to carry over the high horsepower of my road racing background, once ROCK RACING got fired up, more and more people noticed the quality of the projects i built… As the sport continued to evolve, A new race emerged known as King of the Hammers. KOH is now known as the hardest one day race on the planet and continues to push designers with the ultimate design challenge. Just how do you design a rig to both go fast and still be able to crawl the most challenging trails on the planet?

 We started picking up clientele that would give us the opportunity to pursue a dream of designing based on this new challenge and immediately started putting together one of the first ‘ROCK CRAWLERS’ on the planet to incorporate desert bypass shock technology into the build and really start people questioning… Can a rock crawler really go fast? If you’d like to know more about this world renouned rig named El Conquistador, you can check out the full build on Pirate4x4 by clicking here.

Bent Fab has since become known for pushing the boundaries and constantly redefining the sport, but more than that, we feel that it’s time to show the sport that the vehicles design doesn’t just need to be functional, but have style and ATTITUDE to match it’s abilities. If your ready to go fast and want to look good doing it, maybe it’s time to see what Bent Fabrications can do for you.

Custom Fabrication and running a shop that caters to commodities such as race cars is a tricky business, please note that we lay out every detail as clearly as possible, however, you are agreeing to the following terms when you put your deposit down on a project.

Prices are for estimating purposes to give a customer an “idea” of what their project will cost. Final prices can change based on actual parts bought and complexity of final approved designs.

Any changes require 100% up front at time of change. 

Deposits are Non-Refundable.

Once your deposit is received, your position on the list is secured, projects will be will be worked on until complete and approved to the specs and standards set by Bent Fabrications, inc.

There are no due dates for any project. If owner desires or demands project returned before completion owner forfeits any quoted prices and or guarantees given by Bent Fabrications, inc. and is subject to additional billing according to time and materials invested into project up till said time of removal from shop.

Bent Fabrications, inc. will not be held liable for any unfinished work due to intentions of being finished before said project is considered to be complete.  All unfinished work becomes the owners responsibility to be completed when contract is breeched and/or owner decides to halt project.  Bent Fabrications, inc. and/or affiliates will not be held responsible for work in progress or unfinished work at time of breech in contract or removal from shop. 

All projects will have a mechanics lean until total due is paid and will not leave the premises until bill is paid in full. 

Bent Fabrications will have owners consent to drive customers vehicle for testing purposes. 

Due to limited storage space, projects are to be picked up in a timely fashion with a grace period of 5 days unless alternate arrangements are made.  After the 5 days, if no arrangements are in place, inside storage on parts will be will be $15/day, inside storage on chassis and rollers or completed cars will be $45/day, outside storage will be $5/day. 

Paying the deposit to secure your place in line, means you have agreed to the terms and conditions herein.