In the Shop

This page is dedicated to whats happening in the shop!  Check back often for updates!

Rear truss work for a 4800 build designed in SolidWorks.  No playing around on this one, its all about speed!


rear-axle-from-top rear-axle-from-below rear-axle-from-back

Grunt getting shocks set up to be a roller.



Custom Toyota Rock Assault housings set up for one of our Grunt chassis’s


Another Grunt Mini going out the door as a roller.  Seen here with 35″ tires on a 103″ WB at full bump, this one has 14″ front and 20.5″ rear travel.  Some of the options included our sheet metal front end, side steps, and doors for easy entry.





With the #RZRKILLER attacting so much attention, The Cliffhanger front has become an option on any our chassis’s..  Not quite as small as the Cliffhanger that RZRKILLER was built from, The Grunt is still tiny in comparison to most chassis’s out there.  If the front end was what caught your eye on the Cliffhangers, we can put that on the Grunt as well! Check this little guy out as he gets wrapped up off the jig and tries out a 4.3V6 in the front or rear.  Its an AT version of the Grunt with the Cliffhanger front end.








We do offer any of our chassis in the AT version, or “all tube”.  so if you’d rather have a traditional chassis with the tube style subframe, just ask for the AT option!  This was an AT Grunt with the standard front end option.


How about this AT Coupe (R) with some additional bracing and motor cradle going out the door once again to TX.



 Boogers makeover turned out so awesome, it deserved a new name #RZRKILLER.  Off to its new home in TX.

20140130_220643 IMG_2382

Look Who’s Back… It’s BOOGER!!!

This little dude is getting a complete makeover!


 Here’s a nice EVO2 Coupe that was just sent out to TX

It had lots of options added including:

additional tubework / side steps / sheet metal front end / seat mounts / frenched UCA’s / subframes / skid plate kit / LS motor mounts /floor supports / shock mounts / radiator support / Griffen radiator / BFR profile front bumper

Check out the all new EVO2 Coupe!



 Another EVO2 EX with CJ front that we just sent to TX!

glimps of the CJ front option for the EVO series

Sheet metal work in progress

Also working on a new radiator mount option for the front

EVO2 EX just sent down to TN..







 Our new logo is out and back from the laser cutters!

8/12/12 Our first EVO2 about to come off the jig!

10/11/12 Pile of chassis’s ready to be shipped!

EVO2 Series chassis leaving the shop in pairs!  With Jigs built, we are all gearted up to kick these out pretty fast.  If your looking for a killer trail chassis with lots of options, contact us today!


 11/3/12  This EVO2 EX going to California is a little different…