History of the EVO2 series chassis line.


Many people followed the idea of the original EVOULTION GP chassis. (check it out here if you didn't!) It was budget minded in design with the idea that many Toyota parts would swap over into the chassis, including the ability to run leaf springs to save money.  The versatility was huge and the main idea was that the chassis could "Evolve" with your wheeling needs and budget.

After building several of the original as well as some higher end versions such as the EVOLUTION SPEED chassis.. I decided to revisit the original EVO chassis.  I still incorporated the original frame idea for a solid squared up platform to work with front to rear.  The new frame shape now has laser cut and CNC bent subframes available to make linking your rig easier than ever.  Though the design is based around getting 8" up the rear / 7" up the front with  16" / 14" shocks (respectively) directly on the axles, It is posible to get 14" up in the rear and 10" in the front with the shocks configured on the links... making it geared toward a true multipurpose platform.  Other changes include a mild rework of the tubing for an even sleeker and more aggressive appearance.  The rear quarter is also redesigned like the EVO SPEED chassis to allow more shock mounting options on the links and better tire clearance.

Just like the original EVO GP, none of the cross bracing will be included to keep price down. The idea is still to be more of a shell with the critical dimensions figured out for you, and the style your looking for, that you can complete to whatever level you want to be at... from a simple leaf spring Toyota powered propane buggy that costs less than a new 4wheeler to get in the woods, to a fully prepped race machine, to a TTB Prerunner... the limits are endless.

All Chassis's are built using a 2x3" main frame .125" thick with 2"x.134 rub rails to keep the bottom stout The upper cage work is 1.75"x.120 DOM tubing.  All chassis's are upgradeable to a 2" mainframe structure for even more safety and to meet Ultra4's rules for additional charge.


 The EVO2 is our base plateform.  It carries the truck styling in a 2 seat configuration with lots of room in the "bed" to haul all your stuff.  Priced at $3200 for the bare chassis, it's easy on the wallet to get your project started.

 Chassis shown below has the CJ front end option as well as a rear tube bed option.



For those that are looking for just a little extra room inside.  With the exact same bed dimensions, the top is extended 14" into the bed area cause just a little extra room can be so nice.  This will let you slide the seat back a little, carry a cooler inside, or even set up a third seat.

Remimber, this is a true builder chassis aimed at the DIY guys.  It is but a mere shell that has the killer lines and critical deminsions figured out for the builder to start with... This aproach leaves the chassis open to many ideas and directions that allow the owner to make it unique.  What will yours look like? Shown below is the base model of the EVO EX with no additional add ons. The front end shown is the CJ option which allows a full width CJ grill to be used. The EVO2 EX retails at $3350 in bare form.



The EVO2 Coupe.

You guys kept asking for it and we delivered!  It's a stylish chassis with tons of flexibility.  Built off of the EVO2 series Jigs, we simply shortened the bed by 8" and restyled the top.  Setup for a 112"+ WB, It is the same cab foreward design as the trucks giving it enough room for a small bench in the back to carry the women and children along for those long weekend trail rides or leave it as a two seater with tons of room for your stuff.  Either way, it's a stylish chassis that shares all the options we offer for the EVO2 line up and doesn't break the bank at $3450.

Shown with optional side steps for easy entry, our laser cut suspension subframe brackets, skidplate and the standard front end option.

Also available in this series is the EVO4.

This Chassis has a 16" stretch added to the EX model and is going to have a 130"+ Wheel Base geared toward 40" and bigger tires... Unlike other 4 seat chassis out there, this one is designed to use a full 48" wide rear bench that could seat three adults in the back and still have some bed space for all your junk!  If your looking to build something that will haul the WHOLE FAMILY and your camping gear, or if you just want to load up a crew of 5 and still have enough room for a cooler big enough to keep all of them from getting thirsty... this is going to be the "crew cab" style chassis you've been waiting for.

The EVO4 is priced at $3700 in bare form as shown below with no options and the standard front end.

For more info and support on this chassis line, click the link to Pirate4x4.com below:

I bought an EVO2 from Bent Fabrications... Now What? 



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