Chassis Comparison Chart

Our featured chassis line is the 'EVO2 series chassis'.

If  your looking for an entry level chassis or maybe you already have a thrashed trail truck and looking for the next evolution... the 'EVO2' series could be just what you've been looking for.

This series was designed with beer budgeting in mind.  The first chassis of this series was the EVO2, I set down and spent some time designing a chassis that is still more like a truck, so you'll have room for all the junk you like to take with you for all day comfort on the trails. The front end can be set up to have the lines of an old FJ40 or even a Jeep Willie's.. or the tube fenders could be left off to accommodate new Taco skins... The chassis features modular type frame rails that have evolved into a full line of chassis's that share tons of options and brackets to make a super affordable chassis line.

Advertised as a base chassis, I'm only going to put in a minimal amount of tube work to leave it open to customize to your liking, creating a perfect start for the DIY guy. However, with a list of optional brackets available, you can get pretty much every bracket you need to make getting in the woods as hastle free as ever. Simply bolt your stuff in and go.

It doesn't matter if your just a trail rider looking for something different, all the way to the serious racer looking for a chassis to give you the unfair advantage your looking for.. We can build a chassis to fit your needs.  Give us a call or email some info about your project today and see what we can do for you.

Chassis's are not in Stock... please call us at 859-396-4541 or send an email to  for availability and shipping options.  Prices below do not include shipping and are a base line starting point to plan your project.  We are capable of adding any option or customization you require as each unit is built to spec for the customer.

Chassis comparison Chart

EDGE chassis front engine  single seat moonbuggy built for crawling   42-44" at cowl $3,900
FULL TILT chassis rear engine single seat moonbuggy built for crawling   42-44" at cowl          call
recommended WMS of 54" or wider
RZRKILLER2.0 Rear engine rear radiator design that puts the front end of the Cliffhanger $5,650
on the Grunt chassis.  This design has a custom tube subframe that brings
the center of gravity down and lowers the chassis height by as much as 8"
over the Grunt.  Can be set up for solid axle or IFS.
PROMOD option Portal axles are recommended in Promod applications
2 seater chassis (custom) Custom "Themed" 2 seaters.  One off designs working with customer $7,500
NOT FOR COMPETITION Custom Bodywork not included.      and up bare
designed specifically around customers engine and tranny choice
98-112" wheelbase typical
Full width axles recommended or min of 66" wms to wms (40"tire)
4 seater chassis (custom) front engine 4 seater designed to scare the whole family! $7,800
NOT FOR COMPETITION 54-58" cowl can have TJ, YJ, CJ, Grand Cherokee, Liberty,       and up bare
FJ 40, or Cadillac bodywork. Designed with deeper chassis
depth for TBI, LQ9, and propane engines.
standard 112" wheelbase can be stretched to 120"+
Full width axles recommended
EVO2 Grunt  Smaller, lighter, meaner...This is a Sporty two seater Coupe $3,200
that is the smallest of the EVO linup with 108-112+" WB.
It is designed for those looking for more style than carrying capacity.
with the standard EVO series frame, your LS or LQ9 will be right at home
Must use axles with at least 66" WMS with this one.
EVO2 Grunt (mini) The same sporty two seater as the standard EVO2 Grunt but with a unique $3,300
frame designed for 4cylinders and small V6's with Toyota axles in mind.
This frame has it's own unique set of options that make getting on the trail
faster and more affordable than ever!
EVO2 This is our basic truck chassis.  The new EVO line is completely based around $3,200
this new platform, This is a simple truck style chassis that is easy to
build from with lots of options.
EVO2 EX Extended cab version of the EVO2 truck chassis $3,350
Adds 18" behind the seat (no more length to chassis) for those that are
taller and would like to push the seat back or just have a little more room "inside"
EVO2 Coupe This one is for those wanting a Coupe or "car" style chassis with plenty of room. $3,450
It can accommodate 2-4 seats to help carry all your gear or young family.
Space in the back is limited to small adults and kids with a 36" bench.
It shares all the same components and Bracketry with the EVO2
series to help save you money.
* Full width axles are recommended. WB will be 112"+
EVO2 WAGON Here it is.. A 4 seater built for 4 adults. Based on the EVO2 platform it has the $3,600
performance your looking for with a little extra elbow space.  Higher roof lines
and more space behind the seats, you can pack more than a fuel cell for the ride.
It shares all the same components and Bracketry with the EVO2
* Full width axles are recommended. WB will be 112"+
EVO3 This is the bigger brother to the Grunt with changes that focus more toward racing $3,350
2 seat only platform with Coupe styling and strong nodes.
want to go fast in a solid axle? Discuss this one with me.
EVO4 Wagon not big enough? This one is a serious land roamer with space for 5 $3,700
This one huals the whole family and everything you need for the weekend
Room for a full width 52" wide bench in the back!
WB will be 130"+ / full width axle and 44"+ tires recommended.
AT version of chassis                              ** We can offer an ALL TUBE version of every chassis under special circumstances
This would eliminate the frame in favor of an all tube 2" DOM subframe in situations
where axles are under 62" WMS and your engine choice requires the uppers to be
wider in the chassis.  **AT Suspension bracketry is required.
Cliffhanger front end option add the cliffhanger front end to any chassis *some exemptions apply* $350



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