The 'ORIGINAL' truck chassis...

This is a cab foreword, 2 seat chassis, designed with enough room in the 'bed' to haul all your stuff.


 Starting at just $3200

Chassis features:
  • 2x3x.125 rectangular frame for a solid platform to build from
  • 2x.134 lower tubes in chassis for additional strength where its needed most.
  • Standard 1.75" DOM main frame structure
  • (R) series available with all 2" main structure for Ultra4 rules
  • 54" wide at the Cowl to accomodate a variety of aftermarket hoods
  • 56" at the B-pillar for more shoulder room
  • A and B-pillars stepped in at bottom to protect your bodywork.
  • Redesigned rear quarter panels for the option of mounting your shocks on the trailing arms.
  • Cab foreword design allows more "bed" space to haul your stuff... 5' behind the seats!
  • chassis designed for 7" uptravel in the front and 8" uptravel in the rear with shocks 1:1 on axles
  • 10" up front and 14" up rear possible with trailing arm setups!
  • OR... it is possible to set up leaf springs for the budget minded looking for a simple rig.
  • Front or Rear engine capable for the ultimate in flexability
  • TONS of optional brackets to cover anything you might need is available.

For a complete list of options please send an email to Tim@BentFabrications.com to get a custom quote.
Optional 1.75"x.120" DOM tubing/bracing can be installed at $27/foot on any chassis (2" bracing for the (R) option is $28/foot).   Please see bracing options for examples of commonly added bracing.  Pictured options include:
  • Subframes $350
  • Skidplate kit  $295
  • Sheet metal front shock towers $295
  • Griffen radiator support $125
  • Side steps $100
  • Bent Brow bar $25
Priced as shown would run $4390     Price below is deposit on the BARE chassis without options listed above.  Please contact me before ordering any chassis at Tim@BentFabrications.com to discuss your specific needs and get a shipping quote.




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