Extended cab version of the EVO2...

This is a cab foreword, 2 seat chassis, designed with more room inside the cab, yet still enough room in the 'bed' to haul all your stuff.  If your interested in ULTRA4, this is the one for you.


Prices starting at $3350

Chassis features:
  • 2x3x.125 rectangular frame for a solid platform to build from
  • 2x.134 lower tubes in chassis for additional strength where its needed most.
  • Standard 1.75" DOM main frame structure
  • (R) series available with all 2" main structure for Ultra4 rules
  • 54" wide at the Cowl to accomodate a variety of aftermarket hoods
  • 56" at the B-pillar for mor shoulder room
  • A and B-pillars stepped in at bottom to protect your bodywork.
  • Redesigned rear quarter panels for the option of mounting your shocks on the trailing arms.
  • Cab foreword design allows more "bed" space to haul your stuff... on the EX there is 18" more cab area while the bed is reduced to 44" for the same overall chassis length as the EVO2!
  • chassis designed for 7" uptravel in the front and 8" uptravel in the rear with shocks 1:1 on axles
  • 10" up front and 14" up rear possible with trailing arm setups!
  • OR... it is possible to set up leaf springs for a budget minded rig.
  • Front or Rear engine capable for the ultimate in flexability
  • TONS of optional brackets to cover anything you might need is available.

For a complete list of options please send an email to Tim@BentFabrications.com to get a custom quote.
Optional 1.75"x.120" DOM tubing/bracing can be installed at $27/foot on any chassis (2" bracing for the (R) option is $28/foot).   Please see bracing options for examples of commonly added bracing.  Pictured options include:
  • Subframes $350
  • Skidplate kit  $295
  • Sheet metal front shock towers $295
  • Griffen radiator support $125
  • Side steps $100
  • Bent Brow bar $25
Priced as shown would run $4415     Price below is deposit on the BARE chassis without options listed above.  Please contact me before ordering any chassis at Tim@BentFabrications.com to discuss your specific needs and get a shipping quote.



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