Jason Scherer Man Powers Every Rock Trail Twice at 2013 King of the Hammers

   Jason Scherer started on the pole position at the 2013 Griffin King of the Hammers presented by Nitto Tires, proceeded directly to Back Door where he one-shotted the obstacle perfectly and after regaining positions was 4th through the RM38 remote pit. From there it was a battle of man over machine.  “It was absolutely without a doubt the hardest thing I have every done to drive every rock trail twice without power steering,” said the 2009 King Jason Scherer who has finished in the top 20 for 4 consecutive years.  “I finished 21st with 25 minutes to go, my arms and shoulders brutally beaten and cold as hell, but I didn’t give up.”Jason Scherer KOH 2013 2

The King of the Hammers week started with the announcement of Rubicon Express, who’s roots are on the Rubicon Trail building a business with innovation and technology, adding Jason Scherer, who grew up driving and got married on the Rubicon Trail, as their newest ambassador.  The Ultra4 car was wrapped in a new army green color with Air Force style panels complimenting the strong Rubicon Express, Nitto Tires and PSC Steering logos.

During the Power Hour on Wednesday, Jason Scherer owned the qualifying course in his one seat IFS car.  Taking the top spot at 3:19:07, the next closest was Shannon Campbell.  The two single seat IFS cars took the starting line together on Friday with Trophy Truck drivers Robby Gordon and TJ Flores in the row behind.  An amazing show of power!

Jason Scherer 2013 KOH           Jason Scherer left the leaders and immediately headed to Back Door on the first lap where he walked right up the waterfall perfectly.  He came back into the traffic around 15th, but knew he was the only one to have already done Back Door, which everyone would have to accomplish once of the three laps.  When he pulled through the 1st pit at RM38 he had already gained positions to be the 4th car physically.  Six miles out of the main pit on the first lap Jason felt like he lost the power steering pump and muscled the car into the pit where the PSC Crew was waiting to put a new pump in.  “My arms are like jello, it’s going to be a long day,” he said while they were working on the car.  After the race they realized that it wasn’t the pumps at all, but an internally blown seal in the ProAm Steering Rack.

Jason raced out of the pits as soon as his crew had the car back together and he caught up with Campbell during lap three, although it wasn’t long before the alternator went out after being sprayed by power steering fluid from a loose AN fitting at the bottom of Outer Limits.  Scherer ran to the top of Outer Limits then to the remote pit and got loaded with batteries, an alternator and all the fluids that he needed, and then ran back.  Scherer fixed the car and then needed a jump to get it started.  Brian Shirley left jumper cables, but it was Kevin Yoder that would have enough power in his brand new Odyssey Batteries to get the #76 car back running again.  “I can’t tell you how much the last year and half of Cross Fit has paid out in dividends at this race,” said Jason.

Jason Scherer 2013 KOH“There is no doubt that I was beating myself and the car the whole race.  Without power steering I would end up where I shouldn’t be and have to light up the Nitto Tires until they got me to where I needed to go.  They worked really well, and even with all the abuse I didn’t have one flat,” continued Scherer.  “Honestly, other than the one internal issue, which caused the others, the car worked amazingly well and was fast!  I am really looking forward to putting it to work the rest of the year.”

The Rubicon Express / PSC racecar is currently back in Texas getting prepped for the Ultra4 Stampede race April 5-7th.  Jason Scherer and his family will be attending the Moab Easter Jeep Safari with the Rubicon Express team March 25-30th.

 Some great footage of Jason in action at the Nitto Tire National Championships…


Special Thanks to all the Marketing Partners that Make this Success Possible: Rubicon Express, PSC Steering, Nitto Tires, Spidertrax, PAC Spring, Method Race Wheels, Powertank, FOX Shox, Reid Racing, Baja Designs, Maximum Transmissions, High Angle Drivelines, Redline Oil, Tribe Customs 4×4

More about Jason Scherer: Jason Scherer has been racing for over 15 years and has stood on the podium at many events winning one of the most prestigious events: The 2009 King of the Hammers.  He also has a third place finish in 2011 and won the 2012 Nitto National Championship Race in Blackwell Texas.  His consistency and race car set-up is also proven winning the Pro-Rock Championship in 2006, repeating in 2007.  Jason’s growing list of high profile finishes have earned him the honor of being nominated for Dirt Sports “Driver of the Year” award two years in a row.  Scherer embraces his racing career with a very supportive wife and children who join him on the trails of Northern California in their 1972 Jeep CJ-6.


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