Crandon invites Ultra4 to race at the BIG HOUSE!

On 6/16 and 6/17  a total of 18 Ultra4 drivers will battle it out on the worlds most legendary short course track, Crandon International Raceway aka “The Big House”.  Of all the short course races, Crandon has earned top honors as simply one of the best places to race. Coupled with a crowd of over 30,000 fans, the racing intensity is like no other. Ultra4s will have their own race between the Pro 2 and Pro 4 races.  They get to take part in TORC’s Rounds 5 & 6, where short course Pro drivers (including Brad Lovell) will compete.

Ultra4s will run inbetween the Pro 2 and Pro 4 races, both Saturday & Sunday. Live video coverage should be available at

Take a lap with Brad Lovel in his Pro truck!

If you want to see just how insane the Big House is, check out this video that just came out of Lovell Racing.

Results are in!  Ferravanti Sweeps Ultra4 Class Both Days at Crandon

June 18th, 2012, Crandon, WI –

Ultra4 drivers lap times during practice were only  4 seconds off Pro record times at Crandon International Raceway last weekend.

16 Ultra4 drivers descended upon Crandon, WI last weekend to compete in the TORC Series Brush Run at Crandon International Raceway. This was the first time Ultra4 Racing had ever been to Crandon and Ultra4 driver, Gary Ferravanti, Sr. claimed first place in both days’ or racing, despite extremely different weather conditions between the two days.

On Saturday, June 16th, the rain began pouring in earnest at 1PM and a rain delay was called. As the rain dissipated, the Ultra4 Class was asked by USAC to race earlier in the day, before the Pro2 and Pro4 classes, instead of racing after both classes as originally scheduled. In typical Ultra4 style, the drivers agreed to race in the mud.  According to the drivers, the course was slick with little traction in early laps, but Gary Ferravanti, Sr. quickly found his way to the front of the pack and stayed there.  Derek West, who is no stranger to mud in the mid west, stealthly made his way into 2nd position and Nick Nelson finished the race in 3rd place battling overheating issues.

Sunday the conditions were perfect for racing.  In dry conditions during practice, the drivers had lap times only 4 seconds off the Pro Lite record at Crandon.  15 cars began the land rush start. Gary Ferravanti, Sr. once again found his way to the front of the pack.  Both Nick Nelson and Bill Baird tried to give chase but Nelson went into limp mode and Baird lost a transmission. Ultimately it would be the youngest and newest Ultra4 driver, Thomas Grady who would take 2nd and Ultra4 veteran and KOH “OG” JT Taylor would nab 3rd place with Roger Lovell on his heels.

The Ultra4 drivers won tremendous respect from the Crandon racing community with their willingness to race in difficult conditions, proving once again that Ultra4 drivers are willing to race anywhere, any time.


Crandon  Brush Run Day 1 Results

Place    CarNo   Name              

1          4446     Ferravanti, Gary

2          4420     West, Derek      -31.421

3          4404     Nelson, Nick     -40.104

4          4421     Miller, Erik        -45.146

5          1448     Grady, Thomas  -01:13.005

6          4418     Colville, Mike    -01:13.067

7          13         Taylor, JT          -01:20.877

8          4407     Rodd, Cottin     -01:39.162

9          231       Lovell, Roger

10         4434     Yoder, Kevin

11         22         Decker, Scott

12         4456     Feagins, Michael

13         5252     Baird, Bill          DNF

14         4435     Sacalas, Kevin DNF

Crandon Brush Run Day 2 Results

Place    Car No Name               Laps     Lag

1          4446     Ferravanti, Gary 8          00.000

2          1448     Grady, Thomas  8         -13.452

3          13         Taylor, JT          8          -23.411

4          231       Lovell, Roger    8          -23.634

5          4407     Rodd, Cottin     8          -31.438

6          4404     Nelson, Nick     8          -41.182

7          4456     Feagins, Michael8         -41.244

8          4434     Yoder, Kevin     8          -44.436

9          22         Decker, Scott    8          -45.582

10         4452     Carter, Will        8          -59.236

11         4420     West, Derek      7          -1 Laps

12         4421     Miller, Erik         7          -1 Laps

13         4435     Sacalas, Kevin 3          -5 Laps

14         5252     Baird, Bill          0


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