2014 King of The Hammers Week Wrist Bands For Sale

Pre-Order your KOH 2014 Wrist Bands Today!

Anyone who purchases a pre-sale wrist band for the 2014 Griffin King of The Hammers presented by Nitto Tire Week will receive an exclusive commemorative  KOH 2014 spectator vehicle window sticker for their car. These stickers are being made in limited supply and will be sold w/ wrist bands until supplies run out.  Spectators can choose from one of the following 3 pre-order options for their wrist band.
1. Currie Enterprises Limited Edition KOH 2014 Wrist Band – $20   Comes w/ exclusive spectator window sticker. For every wrist band sold, Currie Enterprises will donate $5 to land use!  Spectators who purchase pre-sale wrist bands will be able to pick them up on the lake bed.
Bundle includes: exclusive spectator window sticker, 2014 KOH event t-shirt to be picked up from the merchandise store on the lake bed. T-shirts will be $25 on site, by pre-ordering you save $5 off your event shirt! Spectators who purchase pre-sale wrist bands will be able to pick them up on the lake bed.
3. 4 Wheel Parts Limited Edition KOH 2014 Wrist Band – Coming Soon! Keep an eye out for 4 Wheel Parts Limited Edition wrist band.

All Spectators Will Need a Wrist Band for 2014!

All spectators wanting access to selected spectator areas, including the interior of Back Door Canyon, will need a wrist band. These wrist bands will also be required to get into Hammertown after dark. For those that continue to support KOH, the donation price for wrist bands will stay $20 for 2014. For those that do not wish to support KOH, there will be a separate free wrist band option available free of charge. All that will be required for the free wrist band will be a liability waiver signature.
Special Note for Race Team Members:
For race team members that wish to pre-order their wrist bands: Thank you for supporting KOH! Pit crew members need only bring their pre-sale wrist band and $5 to registration to sign their waiver and receive their pit band sticker for the week!
The fine print: Spectator Window stickers are not Hammertown Parking Stickers. All pre-sale wrist bands will be available for pickup on lake bed.  Spectator window stickers will be made in limited quantities and are only available through the pre-sale. Those purchasing the event t-shirt bundle, must pick up their t-shirt from the merchandise booth on the lake bed during KOH week.
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